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Babette Blanket turned into Hexagon cover

April 12, 2010 - - 9:16 PM

Instead of the Babette Blanket, I have decided to crochet a Japanese throw with hexagon flowers.

The book is “Organic Cotton Knits: Easy on the Skin” by the publisher Ondori. The pattern is called Hexagon multi-cover (六角モチーフのマルチカバー).

This is my first piece for the project.

The photo was processed with the “Old Toy Camera” Photoshop action by Dave Ward.

Babette Blanket – Doing research

February 18, 2010 - - 5:41 PM

After buying the yarn I sat down and did some research on the internet. If you pick a popular pattern by Interweave you can be sure, other crocheters had some great tips and tricks how to go about it.

Always a great place to start is Ravelry. Besides the project pages there is a Babette group called “Babette & Hexagon Blanket Crochet Anonymous“. There I found four helpful techniques for making the perfect square:

  • Magic ring: When starting a squares you do not crochet a chain but you use a technique regularly used in Amigurumi. This way you do not have a hole in the center, but instead a neat beginning. There is an image tutorial and a video at “Hook & Needles“.
  • Starting a DC in the round without a chain: In order to not make the chain stitches stand out, you can start your round directly with a double crochet instead of the chain stitches. Please watch this video by TXCr1cket to find out how.
  • Changing color in the round without a chain: When you change color and still want a clean color change then try this method by Hypercycloid.
  • Changing color in the corner: In order to make the bumps less visible Hypercycloid also suggests to do the color change in the corner. This way the square will look neater.

I am so glad, I found this advice, because I will be able to use it for other crochet projects 🙂 .

Babette Blanket – Choosing a yarn

February 13, 2010 - - 6:51 PM

My project has actually made some progress, because I have decided on a particular yarn. Not only did I finally focus on what to get, but I actually went out and bought all the skeins.

Contrary to my first idea of mixing blues and reds, I settled for a natural palette of white, light gray, semi-dark gray and bluish black. The reason was that I could not find more than one red and blue tone that would look good together as well as the fact that this subdued palette reflects my current color mood much better.

Other yarns were either too expensive or I was not able to get them in my area. Since I wanted the tones to match, I thought it would be too risky to order the yarn online, because so far I have not encountered an online store that deliberately matches the colors of the presented photographs with the actual color of the yarn. If you know of a store that takes great care in achieving the correct color of their yarn products, please let me know.

Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick

January 17, 2010 - - 7:54 PM

This will be my big project for 2010.

You can see many wonderful variations of this pattern at the “The Babette Blanket” Flickr group.

I will not use Koigu (though it probably is wonderful), but another Merino yarn, that I can actually afford. After knitting a test swatch, to see if I understand the pattern (easy :-)), I have also decided that I will keep the color palette simple and use only red and blue tones. I love the original Babette blanket, but since I want to look at it every day I am looking for something less colorful (psychedelic?).