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(3) How to destash – Sock yarn

January 25, 2010 - - 2:30 PM

Although I have not knitted one single sock yet, I own a lot of sock yarn.

Thanks to Raverly and many very clever people I have found out that you sock yarn is actually good for many things besides keeping feet beautiful and warm.

I would like to attempt the following projects:

  • There are so many beautiful shawls to knit. I would love to try Multnomah (direct download), the one skein stole or even Traveling Woman, if I manage not to mess up even easy lace patterns anymore. Some yarn is just too gorgeous too be hidden in shoes.
  • If you want to use up a huge amount of left over sock yarn, you could knit a huge blanket like the Barn Raising Quilt. If you do not want to buy the book, there is a very similar free pattern at knit me a river (knitted version) or Without Seams (crocheted version).  I could also imagine knitting an afghan with mitred squares or another shape like little fish.

If I manage to finish some of these projects this year I am sure that my stash will be greatly reduced.

Do you know of any other fun projects with sock yarn?


(2) How to destash – Cotton

January 8, 2010 - - 2:44 PM

If you do not feel like making dish cloths, tea pot cozies and pot holders (and for some reason I never do), then you need some other projects that make use of your cotton yarn.

Cotton is not my favorite choice of yarn, but from time to time I buy a few skeins for a specific project. Therefore I never have more than one to three skeins of one particular cotton yarn and color left over.

Following projects look rather tempting to me:

I would love to know how you reduce your cotton stash!

Now I have to think about what I will do about my hills of sock yarn turning into mountains.

(1) How to destash – Acrylic

January 2, 2010 - - 9:09 PM

After I admitted to myself, that I had a stash problem, my focus is now to slowly reduce the amount of yarn piling up around me.

When I started knitting in February last year I didn’t mind using acrylic yarn to learn. Of course, as soon as I knew how to knit a straight row I wanted higher quality yarn.

I don’t like acrylic fiber on my body, because it just doesn’t breath. So wristwarmers or hats were not an option. Besides, I like to knit something practical and useful from time to time.

So here are options that I will try this year to get rid off all my eeky acrylic yarns:

  • Japanese scrubbies are called “Tawashi”. You can find a very detailed crochet pattern including photos at craftstylish. There are less knitting than crochet patterns, but there is a translation from a cute Japanese fishy pattern translated by Rhonda White at knittingknonsense.
  • If you sew or know someone you does, you could go for a pincushion. I think I will either try this knitted pattern by Kris Patey or this crocheted frog at Roman Sock.
  • I am definitely in need of a clothes pin bag. There is a crochet pattern over at myrecycledbags made with plastic yarn. I have actually found a knitted version at craftster for free, but since I own Home by Debbie Bliss, I will try her version from the book.

Do you have any others ideas, what acrylic yarn could be used for? I would love to hear them.

Next I will try to figure out, what to do with my cotton yarn.